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We processed and interacted with comprehensive approaches with our clients from small enterprises to decacorn, local to multinational in single to multiple marvelous projects ranging from the easiest to the most advanced ones.

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Latest Projects

corporate reports

Developing Corporate Reports

Otoritas Jasa Keuangan
internet of things

Internet of Things Creators & Developers

DCI Indonesia

Brand Videos & Films

FIF Group
social media

Integrated Social Media & Digital Campaign

Allianz Indonesia

Global Winning Awards

France (Cannes), Cannes Media and TV, Toyota Indonesia

Winning at the Cannes Corporate Media and TV awards is a milestone for Toyota and us. The local products show the sparkle of its creativity in the short film Toyota Indonesia, referencing the evolution of commerce that shows Indonesian culture. At the most important festival in the corporate film industry, SAM CGI proves that Indonesia's creative industry can compete at the international level.
Honored as the only Indonesian creative agency to receive The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in Cannes, France in 2016 has decorated our 25 years of journey creating our wild and creative ideas and developing it within our works. Fueled by passions and love for the industry, we are committed to continuing to develop ideas and create magic with our partners in line.

German (Frankfurt), German Design Award, Toyota Indonesia

SAM CGI managed to win in the Excellence Communications Design Audiovisual category at the German Design Award by capturing the inspiring and breathtaking story of the Toyota Kijang. The Toyota Kijang's film combines powerful stories from Indonesia to the world and conveys the message by giving a very significant impact.

italy como
Italy (Como), A’Design Award & Competition, PT Minna Padi Investama

Italy witnessed when SAM CGI received an award in the A'Design Award & Competition to compete with companies worldwide. The innovative video “We Are Ecosystem” with PT Minna Padi Investama Sekuritas Tbk attracts people’s eyes by being communicative about high-level investment profile and taking one step ahead in life.

International Annual Report Competition
LACP Awards, PT Garuda Indonesia

SAM CGI's participation in the Vision Awards or LACP Award (International Annual Report Competition) provides more value to the capability and quality of the annual report. Mainly the annual report of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, produced and developed based on the people's impression of the company.


Samcgi Awards

24 Years

Since 1998, SAM CGI has been committed to contributing in making the right solutions. The 24 years of knowledge that has sharpened by various challenges and obstacles faced in the process. Working on wonders for 2 decades developed our skills in order to create the solution at the right time for our clients. Therefore, that process has developed our company’s knowledge and maturity to be adaptive and allow us to achieve the highest standards to be presented to the clients.

467+ Cool Client

In 1998, SAM CGI was first formed to focus and engage in professional website design development. It helped companies worldwide to develop company’s websites. We cooperate with foreign companies so that further expand in Jakarta. Starting to move gradually until 2000, began to work on local clients to get multinational clients ranging from Coca-Cola, Nestle, Unilever, and several small manufactures, medium, enterprise to decacorn companies. We also help work on SMEs, government projects, and state-owned enterprises. So, it can provide filtration according to the criteria and target which is more valuable.

100%Pure Local Agency

We believe that Indonesian talents, with their creativity are capable of creating masterpiece works. Looking back at the long history of Indonesia’s masterpiece heritage which is widely known globally from places, languages, to crafting. The richness of its cultural and heritage backgrounds plays a significant role in SAM CGI’S journey throughout the years. With technology’s innovation and a diverse-unique creativity background, Indonesian talents are ready to welcoming the world’s another evolution in a sophisticated technological era.

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